Digital Art Undergraduate Students Develop Projects for Oculus VR

Digital art students enrolled in Art 2230 collaborated to produce virtual reality experiences for their end of term projects. The students developed their projects using the 3D modeling software Maya and Unity. The images below show the development process as well as screenshots from their games.


Melinda Buckner works on her scene for Demented


Inna Limjoco tests Ignus Fatus on the Oculus


Demented team: Melissa Mesias, Denisse Mesias, Melinda Buckner, Amanda Dos Santos Pereira


Ashley Aucoin unboxes the Oculus

IMG_1255 IMG_1258 VoiceRecording_2dnWeek

Scenes from Demented and Ignus Fatus (below)

Untitled2 Untitled17 Untitled16 Untitled15 Untitled14 Untitled13 Untitled12 Untitled11 Untitled10  Untitled8 Untitled7 Untitled6 Untitled5 Untitled4 Untitled3 IMG_1271    Ignus Fatus by Ashley Aucoin and Inna Limjoco


de1 de9 de7 de6 de5 de4 de3 de2 unitywork Demented by Denisse Mesias, Meilissa Mesias, Melinda Buckner and Amanda Dos Santos Pereira

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