Vincent Cellucci studied painting, glassblowing, and English writing at Loyola and Tulane Universities in New Orleans.  After earning his MFA in Poetry at Louisiana State University, he was hired by the College of Art + Design as an intervention to improve student communication skills.  He works with faculty to develop communication intensive courses and coordinates a discipline-specific Communication across the Curriculum Studio.  His specialties include writing instruction, publishing, 3d scanning, and portfolio development.  While continuing to publish traditionally, he is currently exploring the interstices of 3d scanning / fabrication and poetry. This year he performed an interactive poetry app at TEDxLSU and the international conference of New Interfaces for Musical Expression in Brisbane, Australia.  Doesn’t know much about snakes.

renzi_renderRenzi Terrebonne is a fifth year Architecture major in the College of Art + Design. Originally from Cut Off, LA, he is inspired by his hometown’s unique Cajun culture to design spaces that promote cultural growth and preservation. He currently works as a student worker in the CxC Studio, where he assists students with digital documentation and 3D scanning. Renzi also collaborates with other student workers to develop tutorials and create 3D printed items for the College of Art + Design.

margaret_renderMargaret Long is an fifth year Architecture student from Texas. She is an agile architect who also enjoys yoga in spare time.


Travis Landriault Early on, Travis gives Agent Cooper clues to apprehending his nemesis, BOB. He later makes recurring appearances in relation to the Black Lodge. It is unclear what his reasons are for wanting to help Cooper, or his true identity. Travis first appears in the series’ third episode, in a dream experienced by Cooper. Although a spirit, he appears to Cooper as a dwarf in a red suit and dress shirt.  Travis Landriault is connected to MIKE, the faceless spirit entity who possesses Philip Gerard, The One Armed Man, in the series. The birth certificate explicitly states that the Travus is, in fact, MIKE’s severed arm. The one-armed Gerard tells Cooper a story about having been BOB’s partner until he cut off his own arm in an effort to relieve himself of a tattoo on the left shoulder that BOB also had.  At one point Travus puts his hand on Gerard’s shoulder, linking the Arm with its owner and making MIKE whole. Travis and MIKE then speak in unison to BOB, stating “I want all my garmonbozia”


Sarah Ferguson is a graduate student in Digital Art.

Studio Alumni/Former Employees


O’mar Finley has returned from taking his fine arts prowess to Graz, Austria. While abroad, Omar was a native English speaker for high school English classes and participated in collaborative art projects with resident artists. As an undergraduate mentor at the CxC, Omar was one of the most essential students in establishing a workflow for 3D scanning/printing and optimizing digital modeling. The method we use for scanning difficult models is known as “The O’mar Method.” Currently he is a Graduate Assistant in the CxC Art + Design Studio, completing his final semester for the Master of Digital Media of Arts & Engineering.


Matty A. Williams hails from Detroit, MI and graduated with an MLA from the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture, completing a thesis that examined the evolution of industrial spaces in his hometown. His interests in digital media include video production, animations, 3D scanning as well as landscape representation. Matty was a valuable Graduate Assistant, helping to innovate with 3D printing, projections, RED camera policies and tutorials, and aerial drone footage. He spent an inordinate amount of time in the CxC A&D Studio helping students incorporate digital media into their work and tutoring students on their design assignments.

jaleesa1JaLeesa Sims-Smith is from Shreveport, LA and she  graduated with her Master of Architecture in 2015. JaLeesa was inspired by the concept of Biomimicry & Biomemetic architecture, which were evident in her 3D models, visual renderings, and diagrammatic representation. She was also the resident expert in Rhino software. Affectionately, we called her “Mrs. 3D.”