We are grateful for the following sources of support that have enabled us to build a 3D scanning/printing and digital fabrication culture in the LSU College of Art + Design

  • LA Board of Regents (2012: $72,000, 2013: $18,000)
  • LSU Student Tech Fee Proposals (2015: $86,000, 2016: $114,000)
  • College-level support (i.e., end-of-year spending and donations*)
  • LSU Office of Research and Development Grants
  • Larger granting sources (i.e., NSF) with STEAM collaborations – interdisciplinary digital fabrication resource & grant committee formed between ENGR and CoAD, which consulted on non-duplication of equipment and offered support & letters of recommendation for over 4 grants

*Special thanks to Brad Bourgoyne.

The LSU Technology Student Fee Proposals additionally granted the CxC $69,580.00 in 2017

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